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Clinical pharmacists are highly trained professionals  who can work as part of the general practice team to provide care and  advice for all patients.  By taking responsibility for patient care clinical pharmacists can free up GPs for other appointments and also reduce the number of patients presenting at A&E departments, due to lack of appointment availability.

Clinical pharmacists have an array of skills which benefit all patient groups.  The clinical pharmacist can:

  • Assess the effectiveness of the patient's prescribed medication(s).

  • Diagnose and prescribe appropriately for patients.

  • Provide expert advice to the patient regarding medication use.

  • Refer patients to the appropriate member of the team for continuing treatment .

Our pharmacists can provide a range of services to enhance service delivery at your practice, including:

  • Medicines Optimisation

  • Polypharmacy reviews

  • Repeat prescription management  

  • Hospital discharge letters

  • Blood results

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Mental health reviews

  • Minor Illness Clinics

  • Smoking Cessation Clinics

  • Care home reviews

  • Seasonal Vaccination Clinics

Contact us today to learn how Advanced Primary Care Group can support your practice and provide the additional staff you need, to meet the demands of your patient population.

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